"Marshals are the essential volunteers without
whom no race meetings could be run"

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You mean it’s not obvious! As if standing in the rain, snow and wind all day in the middle of a race circuit, ministry of defence base, or out in the wilds in a forest isn’t fun enough. Well actually, if you are properly prepared, it is very rewarding and enjoyable whatever the weather.

Without Marshals of all motorsport disciplines, organising motor clubs cannot run Races, Rallies, Speed or Hill Climb events, Sporting Trials, or any other motorsport event. Even if spectators are not allowed at any event, Marshals are still required to make sure that the competitors and crews, riders have a safe environment to participate in their chosen form of motorsport.

Who goes Marshalling?

Spectators and motorsport enthusiasts who want to get more involved.  People who can’t afford to compete, but still want to get involved.  Basically, you don’t have to special, Marshals are always required, and it is unlikely that you will be turned away.

Getting started

Join an Motorsport UK recognised Club like the Goodwood Marshals Club. To find out where your nearest club is located, visit either the Motorsport UK web site. More information can also be found by visiting the Volunteers in Motorsport or Go Motorsport websites.

Speak to other members of your own club; it is likely that many of them will have wealth of experience and knowledge about Marshalling or becoming a licensed official.