BREAKING NEWS. 2019 Marshals Training feedback survey now available. Please go to NEWS Page for details.

"Marshals are the essential volunteers without
whom no race meetings could be run"

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2019 Training Feedback

We have a surveymonkey feedback survey set up for everyone who attended our Marshals Training Weekend.

This is for both days & your feedback helps us to mke changes & improve it for future years.

Please us the link below to take the survey. Thanks

Goodwood 2020 Sprint/Auto Solo Dates

 Dates for Sprints in 2020.

8th February 2020 – Southsea Rally
13th April – GRRC Spring Sprint
18th April – Bognor Regis Motor Club
9th May – Brighton & Hove
1st August – Brighton & Hove
3rd October – Tunbridge Wells Motor Club
31st October – AC Owners Club

GRRC Auto solos

Sunday 8th March
Sunday 18th October

GMC Rescue Unit Update

The GMC Rescue Unit is now Operational with a fully trained & certified crew & a revamped rescue unit.

A great effort by the new crew to get trained in such a short period of time is true sign of there dedication & love of motorsport.

You can book there services for your events via the link on there page of the website.

Great effort guys.

2019 Cadet Competition

Each month for the next 5 months a subject will be announced on the website that we want you to write an article about in a maximum of 300 words that will then be published on the club website.

Each month points will be awarded for your entry. After all 5 months have been completed best score will win. As before there will be two age groups 12 – 15 and 15 – 18.

Prizes for 12 to 15 year olds £100 plus a Trophy  & for 15 to 18 year olds £150 plus a Trophy.

We also hope to award some additional prizes as well.

THE SUBJECT FOR MAY is. . How should Motorsport UK encourage Cadet Marshals

Your entry should be emailed to  This must be sent no later than 31st May.


THE SUBJECT FOR JUNE is. What sort of Cadet competition should Goodwood Marshals Club run next year 2020.

Your entry should be emailed to This must be sent no later than 30th June.


THE SUBJECT FOR JULY is.  If you could go to any Motorsport event anywhere in the world which event would you choose and why.

Your entry should be emailed to   This must be sent no later than 31sy July.


THE SUBJECT FOR AUGUST is. Design a poster to entice new cadet Marshals (A4 size) 

Your entry should be emailed to This must be sent no later than 31st August.


THE SUBJECT FOR SEPTEMBER is. If you could pick a career in motor sport when you grow up what would you choose and why.

Your entry should be emailed to This must be sent no later than 30th September.


Please put your age and name of cadet on your email if sent by parent or guardian.


The July article will be on the Club website at the end of June


Next Committee Meeting



The next meeting of the Goodwood Marshals Club, will be on Thursday 30th January 2020 

For venue details please contact a member of the committee.