"Marshals are the essential volunteers without
whom no race meetings could be run"

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Canine Partners – Our Support Dog

Every year Club Members are invited to nominate the beneficiaries of our Charity Track Day, for the last 3 years one of those beneficiaries has been Canine Partners

Over those 3 years, we have raised a total of £9,500 for Canine Partners which is what it costs to train a new puppy to become a support dog.

Club Members were given the opportunity to name this new support dog, names were collated and voted with the top 3 names being sent to Canine Partners for them to make the final decision on the new support dog’s name.

The top 3 names from the vote were:

  1. Kirk
  2. Stirling
  3. Marshal

Canine Partners will provide us with regular updates and pictures during the puppy’s training right through to the handover to the person they will be supporting. These updates will be posted here and on our social media channels